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Securely collect payments with open banking

Crezco allows you to collect payments from businesses without the need for manual data entry.

Connect your bank account to Crezco only once and create payment links manually or add a “pay now” button to your invoices with our accounting software integrations. Reconciliation is now automatic, saving you precious time to spend on your business.

Collecting payments has never been easier, welcome to open banking!

Why collect payments with Crezco

International payments icon

International payments

Help your international customers pay you or them in your local currency with greater convenience, without you or they having to create a foreign currency account.

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Collect payments for events

Recurring payments

Create standing orders free from expiration dates and chargebacks. Ideal for subscriptions and rent collection.

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Instant and secure payments

Receive instant bank transfers free from human error. You will get paid faster and life will be a lot easier.

Integrations icon

Software integrations

Send your invoices like normal within your favourite accouting software and just tick the box to add a payment button to the invoice. Learn more


Automatic reconciliation

Payments are automatically assigned to the invoices and are reconciled in your accounting software. Learn more

No card required

Eliminate card fees and chargebacks by using account-to-account payments.

Custom branding icon

Custom branding

Customise your checkout experience and email receipts with your brand colours and logo.

Invoice fraud protection

Advanced fraud protection

Our proprietary ML risk system protects your business from fraudulent payments and illicit transactions at no extra cost.

Collect payments steps

How it works

  1. Link one of your bank accounts

    Create a Crezco account and link one of your bank account to start collecting payments.
  2. Create and share a payment link

    Create a payment link directly from your Crezco dashboard or use one of our accounting software integration to add a "Pay now" button to your invoices automatically.
  3. Get paid

    Payments settle instantly and receive status notifications via your dashboard and email.
Our pricing

Ideal for

One-off payments

Accept payments for single-jobs or products

e.g. construction, tradesmen, artists

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Easy invoicing

Collect invoice payment which reconcile online

e.g. accountants, wholesalers, contractors

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Pay taxes icon

Account top-up

Allow users to top-up their account to continue using your services

e.g. property managers, investment platforms, purchasing systems

Collect payments for events


Collect payments for events by sharing payment links with participants

e.g. charities, schools, sports clubs

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Which banks do you work with?

You can connect almost all UK bank accounts by following this step by step guide. If you’d like to connect a bank that you cannot see on the bank selection screen, please contact support.

To connect an international bank account, please read this support article.

How much does it cost?

Our Accounts Receivables features are free! There are no set up costs, and no cost to receive domestic payments.

For additional features such as custom branding and bulk payments, you can subscribe to one of our plans. View additional features and plan pricing here.

For more information on why we’re able to offer this for free, please read this article.

Is there a limit to the number of payments I can receive?

No - every plan, including our free plan, means you can receive unlimited payments, from anywhere in the world.

We do apply a restriction based on volume for making bulk payments (250 payments per month). If you require a higher payment limit please contact us.

Can I open an account from anywhere in the world?

You can open an account wherever you are in the world - but depending on what country your based in and what currency you’re looking to send or receive there can be limitations or different processes, as open banking hasn’t been implemented globally yet.

For a full guide on what you can do from which countries, please read this support article.

Can I set up an account on behalf of a client?

Yes - you can set up accounts on behalf of as many clients as you like, directly from your dashboard.

This article walks you through it step by step.

Do you integrate with any accounting software?

Yes, Crezco seamlessly integrates with software like Xero, QuickBooks and more.

Check out our full list of partners, and for information on how to integrate, please see our Help Centre.

Can I change plans or cancel anytime?

Yes, you can change your plan whenever you want. If you downgrade your Collect Plus or Send Plus plan to the Free plan, you will keep your advantages until the last day of your subscription.

To cancel, please let us know 14 days before your next billing date.

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