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Bulk payments powered by open banking

Crezco’s account payables product allows you pay out to businesses all around the world without the need for manual data entry. Pay suppliers and staff from a single bank authentication.

No e-wallets, VIBANs, or foreign currency accounts are required, payments are securely processed from one bank account to another.

Making payments has never been easier, welcome to open banking!

Why pay in bulk with Crezco?

Single payment initiation

Users create a batch payment and initiate payments with a single authentication. All payments show as individual lines within bank statements.

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International payments

Crezco settles payments in multiple currencies so you can pay suppliers and staff all around the world while only needing to authenticate with your bank for a single batch payment.

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Easy import

Crezco integrates and recognises CSV files from the most popular accounting and payroll softwares but also lets you manually import files if needed.

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Get set up in seconds, select your payees in a couple of clicks and initiate your payments with a single bank authentication.

Sharing and permissions

Allow staff to create batch payments and share with management for approval and payment initiation.

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Direct payments

Crezco facilitates direct account-to-account payments without the need to fund external wallets or accounts.

How it works

  1. Sync your bills and contacts

    You can easily import your bills and contacts from your favourite accounting and payroll software or use our Xero integration. If you prefer, you can create everything manually.
  2. Select the bills

    You can see a list of bills with some information like the reference, the date, the payee and the status. Simply select the ones you want to pay.
  3. Pay in a click

    You can pay all the selected bills instantly or save them for later. You can also send a batch payment link to your client (if you are an accountant) or to your trusted employees so they can pay themselves.
Our pricing

Ideal for

Paying employees

Pay your entire workforce in a click, no matter where they live

e.g. accountants, business owners

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Paying suppliers

Pay all your suppliers invoices in a click e.g. wholesalers

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Paying taxes

Pay all your taxes easily with no risk of error e.g. accountants, bookkeepers, business owners

International payments

Pay whatever you want wherever you want e.g. small businesses

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