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International payments Crezco

Open banking for international payments

The Silk Road has long been discovered, now it is time to trade internationally with open banking payments!

If you are sending or receving overseas fund, Crezco makes international account-to-account payments easy. No need to create another e-wallet or virtual account. We connect to your existing bank account, where your money is safe, but provide you with the most competitive foreign exchange rates available.

Why choose Crezco?

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70+ currencies

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100+ countries

No e-wallet required

No e-wallet required

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Low fees

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24/7 availability

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Real-time tracking

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Customer service

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Invoice fraud protection

Invoice fraud protection

Pay international invoices

Pay your international suppliers from your existing bank account, but with greater convenience, lower costs and increased visibility

  • Low fees
  • Bulk payments
  • Track your payments
Pay international suppliers
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Remote payroll

With Crezco you can pay your entire team across the globe in one single click

  • Import data from your accounting / payroll software
  • Add and edit contacts and bills in seconds
  • Pay multiple beneficiaries in one click
Pay your employees

Receive international payments

Help your international customers pay you in your local currency with greater convenience, without you or they having to create a foreign currency account

  • Receive international payments in your local currency
  • 100% of invoice value settled to your local bank account
  • Automatic accounting reconciliation
Receive payments from abroad

How to make an international payment?

Sign up to Crezco in seconds and follow the steps here to connect your local bank account(s).

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