Embedded open banking payments

  • Integrate in hours, not months
  • Built for marketplaces, platforms and apps
  • Easy and instant user onboarding
  • Fraud protection and transaction risk monitoring covered
  • Zero integration costs
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API Documentation

API documentation

Clear and easy developer documentation

API doc

Quickstart guide

Quickstart guide

Instant access to embedded open banking payments Guide

Support channel

Support channels

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Crezco API overview

Build a payment solution for you and your customers

  • Designed for developers
  • Clear and simple documentation
  • Excellent support channels
  • OpenAPI standard support
  • Webhooks, libraries, keys and other tools provided
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Integration steps

To obtain the Sandbox API keys, go to Crezco support portal or e-mail support@crezco.com.

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Why developers love Crezco

Developer friendly


The easiest API connecting to the largest bank coverage in the UK and EU



Payments are processed in real-time but we still have all the notification webhooks you need

Customer support

Customer support

Customers love the product, but our customer support and care is equally important

Crezco Payment API

One payment API to rule them all

Beyond having the widest bank connectivity, or having the simplest integration, or being the only open banking solution to handle international payments, or dealing with all regulatory, compliance and money laundering requirements, it is the user experience that matters most. Happy customers are the greatest asset on your balance sheet.

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