Xero integration

  • Instant account-to-account payments
  • Add a "Pay Now" button to Xero's invoices
  • Reconcile payments automatically
  • Save time and money
  • Invoice fraud protection
Xero integration

How Design Plumbing Services save time on reconciliation using Crezco?

Design Plumbing Services Limited is a family run plumbing, heating installation and maintenance business.


As a small company, Design Plumbing Services strives to be efficient in every aspect of the business. When it came to payments, they knew they wanted to provide an easy-to-use and secure solution that customers can rely on. It was important for Design Plumbing Services to have a payments solution that respects customer data and funds by complying with all the latest regulations.


Design Plumbing Services chose Crezco because it allows them to send invoices directly with an online payment link attached. Customers can use the link to pay in seconds, rather than having to pay manually through their bank, resulting in better cashflow management and less unpaid invoices.

The full integration with Xero makes the payment process super easy for customers and allows Design Plumbing Services to enjoy the automatic reconciliation process, saving both time and effort.

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced payment fees
  • Time saved reconciling invoices

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Xero Connect App Award Winner 2022

Collect payments in seconds

Stop chasing late payments

Stop chasing late payments

Embed a payment link directly into Xero's invoices. Clients can now easily pay their invoices in seconds

Save time

Save time

Save hours on admin tasks thanks to the automatic reconciliation. Invoices are automatically marked as paid in Xero

Save money

Save money

Domestic account-to-account payments with Crezco are free and instant. There are no fees or chargebacks

Make payments in seconds

Stop chasing late payments

Single payment initiation

Users create a batch payment and initiate payments with a single authentication. All payments show as individual lines within bank statements.

Save time

International payments

Crezco settles payments in multiple currencies so you can pay suppliers and staff all around the world while only needing to authenticate with your bank for a single batch payment.

Save money

Direct payments

Crezco facilitates direct account-to-account payments without the need to fund external wallets or accounts.

Import Xero bills

Import your Xero invoices in a click

You can directly import your domestic and international invoices from Xero! No need to import a CSV file anymore. Everything is now done behind a click of a button. You can add or edit the bill and contact details when the import is complete to ensure everything is in order, including your international contacts.

  • Import all the invoices awaiting payment
  • Import your contacts
  • Make bulk payments easily
  • Works with domestic and international bills
  • Reconcile automatically

How it works?

Sign up to Crezco directly from the Xero App Store. Simply click on the “Get this app” button and follow the steps here to link at least one of your bank accounts.

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