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"The simplest metric we use is how much money Crezco saves us in terms of fees compared to direct debits."

Jonathan Mackie

Partner, NRB

NR Barton User Story

Company intro

An established firm over 70 years old, NRB combines decades of knowledge and experience with an innovative and technologically advanced approach to deliver refreshing accounting advice.

Key benefits

  • Eliminates direct debit fees
  • Instant reconciliation
  • Save time chasing payments

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Dealing with overdue payments can be a nightmare and accountancy firms know this well. They are constantly chasing payments and trying to get paid on time.

"A typical accountancy firm will raise their annual bill after the year end accounts have been completed, which could be 18 months after the work started.  The customer usually has 30 days credit, which then leads to credit control getting involved for non-payment."

NRB wanted to tackle this issue by finding an easy way to collect payments on time while making the reconciliation process easier for their customers and themselves. Having a better cash flow management is a key component of an accountancy firm's success.


NRB chose Crezco because it allows them to collect payments easily and instantly, while reconciling them within their accounting software solution to save hours of unnecessary administration. Crezco automatically adds a payment checkout link directly to their invoices. Customers click on the link and pay directly from their bank account.

"Crezco has allowed us to simplify the process for our customers, payment on their phone, through the payment link, can now be done in seconds, as it is as easy as logging into your bank."

Crezco leverage open banking to provide an account-to-account payment solution. Payments are instant, free and frictionless and there is no need for customers to share any debit card details. They are simply redirected safely to their bank account to authorise the payment via strong customer authentification.


As Crezco is free to use for single payment, it was an easy choice to make for NRB. The accountancy firm doesn't need to pay fees anymore. Crezco even add an extra layer of security with an advanced fraud protection system. NRB can also spend more time on their business instead of chasing payments and reconciling invoices.

"We currently have a lot of direct debits in place, which incur fees, the simplest metric we use is how much money Crezco saves us in terms of fees."

With this partnership, NRB join thousands of companies using Crezco to collect payments instantly and securely at no extra cost. 

Next steps

NRB will keep growing and recommend Crezco to their clients as it is a solid and innovative payment solution that people genuinely enjoy to try.

"We will be recommending Crezco to relevant clients, but even ones which you might not think will benefit, actually do, as it is cost free but has the chance of gaining a reduction in debtor days."


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