QuickFile integration

  • Instant account-to-account payments
  • Add a "Pay Now" button to QuickFile's invoices
  • Reconcile payments automatically
  • Save time and money
  • Invoice fraud protection
QuickFile integration

Connect Gas chose Crezco to collect payments faster and reconcile them automatically

Connect Gas is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the luxury fireplace industry.


The invoicing process is known to be time consuming and chasing late invoices can quickly turn into a nightmare for any business. It was important for Connect Gas to be able to provide a quick payment solution directly embedded into sent invoices to fasten the process and reduce the percentage of late payments. Connect Gas needed an easy to use payment solution to get paid faster and to remove the headache of manually reconciling invoices.


Connect Gas chose Crezco because of its account-to-account payment solution, allowing them to send invoices directly with an online payment link attached. Customers can use the link to pay in seconds, rather than having to pay manually through their bank. The result is a human-error-free payment solution, better cashflow management and less unpaid invoices.

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced payment fees
  • Time saved reconciling invoices

Other user stories

Collect payments in seconds

Stop chasing late payments

Stop chasing late payments

Embed a payment link directly into QuickFile's invoices. Clients can now easily pay their invoices in seconds

Save time

Save time

Save hours on admin tasks thanks to the automatic reconciliation. Invoices are automatically marked as paid in QuickFile

Save money

Save money

Domestic account-to-account payments with Crezco are free and instant. There are no fees or chargebacks

How it works?

Sign up to Crezco directly from the QuickFile App Store. Simply click on the “Get app now” button and follow the steps here to link at least one of your bank accounts.

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