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"We were already good at collecting payments, but with Crezco payments are arriving 7 days sooner."

Michael O’Rourke

Company Director, Saint Financial Group

Saint Financial Group

Company intro

Saint Financial Group is multi-services support company focused on the construction sector. The Saint Financial Group has every service construction companies need to succeed under one single solution: accountancy, taxation, business development, media & marketing, virtual assistants and legal. Working with clients across the UK, the Saint Financial Group is the services company for construction companies looking to save time and increase sales.

Key Benefits

  • Invoices paid on average 7 days sooner
  • Improved cashflow
  • More convenient customer checkout solution

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Collecting payments from customers is key to any company, but it is not always as it seems. Companies need a solution combining security, convenience, speed and cost. Furthermore, whatever checkout solution one offers to customers, it shouldn't create accounting reconciliation headaches but should seamlessly integrate with the dominate accounting software solutions used by businesses today, such as Xero and QuickBooks.

“One of the many challenges in any industry is taking payments, a simple solution that gives clients the opportunity to pay invoices instantly was clearly needed. Crezco built it and made the experience an absolute breeze.” 

Saint Financial Group needed an online payment solution suited for construction firms, such as one which processes large invoice payments, but wasn't expensive.


Saint Financial Group chose Crezco because it allows them to accept large invoice payments instantly for free, while being directly integrated with Xero, their chosen accounting software solution.

“Crezco eliminates the challenges that come with accepting payments. They have a great integration with Xero and their support team has been fantastically responsive and helpful throughout. Crezco is now an essential part of our business.” 

Unlike traditional payment providers Crezco uses the power of open banking to initiate direct account-to-account payments. With Crezco domestic account-to-account payments are free and instant, but they also come with an advanced fraud protection system protecting payers from invoice fraud and payees from chargebacks. Just connect your bank account to Crezco, select your integration and Crezco will securely initiate payments on your behalf without collecting any sensitive payment information.  Crezco is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution and adheres to the strictest security requirements.


Using Crezco's instant account-to-account payment solution saw Saint Financial Group instantly reduce their days sales outstanding and improve their cash flow. Furthermore, replacing card payments with a free account-to-account payment solution results in instant improvements to topline revenues and an even greater improvement to bottom line profit margins. The integration with Xero further saves time and costs reconciling received payments.

“We were already good at collecting payments, but with Crezco payments are arriving 7 days sooner. Improving your cashflow is great for any business and Crezco helps perfectly here.”  

With this partnership, Saint Financial Group joins thousands of companies using Crezco today to simplify, accelerate and secure their payment process for free. 

Next steps 

Saint Financial Group will continue to grow and help their clients achieve their goals by continuing to innovate with their client’s needs in mind. 

"Saint Financial Group is becoming a crucial part of construction businesses across the UK, we are completely open and transparent with our clients and their success is what drives us to continue." 


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