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"Being able to click the ‘Pay Now’ button to make a payment instantly without manually logging in to your bank and then immediately receiving a payment receipt is brilliant."


Director, Design Plumbing Services

Design Plumbing Services

Company intro

Design Plumbing Services Limited is a family run plumbing, heating installation and maintenance business. Large or small, Design Plumbing Services employs their in-house tradesmen and women to meticulous plan, design, build and maintain your plumbing and heating requirements, while leveraging the most efficient products and smart technology. Rob, listening closely to customer demands, provides the perfect balance between form and function. Their work is done primarily throughout the North West, including Cheshire and Lancashire, and acquired via customer referrals and repeat business.

Key benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Instant payment notifications
  • Time saved reconciling invoices

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As a small company, Design Plumbing Services strives to be efficient in every aspect of the business. When it came to payments, they knew they wanted to provide an easy-to-use and secure solution that customers can rely on. It was important for Design Plumbing Services to have a payments solution that respects customer data and funds by complying with all the latest regulations.

"The biggest challenges at the moment apart from the supply chain is maintaining trust with our customers that their hard earned money is being spent on an honest and reliable company with a solid administration to back up the day to day work our engineers carry out. "

As for every business, it can be hard to get paid on time or even to just be paid by customers. People can forget to pay an invoice if they don't pay it straight away.

"Having control over our payment receipts is seriously challenging as we also have to trust our customers to make payment once works have been completed."

Design Plumbing Services needed an easy online payment solution suited for plumbing firms that offers a customer convenient checkout solution.


Design Plumbing Services chose Crezco because it allows them to send invoices directly with an online payment link attached. Customers can use the link to pay in seconds, rather than having to pay manually through their bank, resulting in better cashflow management and less unpaid invoices.

"The uniqueness of Crezco is what attracted us to use the service. Being able to click the ‘Pay Now’ button to make a payment instantly without manually logging in to your bank and then immediately receiving a payment receipt is brilliant."

The full integration with Xero makes the payment process super easy for customers and allows Design Plumbing Services to enjoy the automatic reconciliation process, saving both time and effort.

"Given Crezco links with Xero, by selecting Crezco to manage our payments means we no longer need to manually reconcile raised invoices or send payment receipts from Xero. 2 steps now automated via Crezco saving us a lot of time."

Unlike traditional payments providers, Crezco uses open banking to provide instant account-to-account payments. The main benefits are domestic payments are free and settled instantly, while Crezco's advanced fraud protection system protects both the merchant and customer from payments fraud at no extra cost. Crezco is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution and adheres to the strictest security requirements.


Using Crezco's instant account-to-account payment solution saw Design Plumbing Services receive warm customer feedback who appreciated the more convenient payment solution. Crezco also helped Design Plumbing Services getting paid sooner, save costs on card payment fees, and save time reconciling sent invoices via the Xero integration. It's a solution which improves customer satisfaction, reduces processing costs and saves manual labour hours on reconciliation.

"Feedback from our customer’s using the Crezco ‘Pay Now’ option has resulted in improved customer satisfaction and the email alert function now added to advise us of a payment received is another great enhancement."

With this partnership, Design Plumbing Services joins thousands of companies using Crezco today to improve their cashflow management and their customers payment flow in the same time.

Next step 

Design Plumbing Services is expanding via a sister company in the renting space. Crezco will help them with this new business model by implementing recurring payments that allow them to have payments coming in every month automatically.

"We have a ‘sister’ company that has recently set up providing property for rent. Our first tenant has moved in and we have set up the rental payments as recurring invoices on Xero and advised them to use the ‘Pay Now’ button. The tenant is happy with this as it also removes the need for them to have to set up a standing order and leaves us as business owners in more control of the rental income."

At Crezco, we will always do our best to provide a world-class customer support. We always want to help and improve ourselves and our services. We feel extremely lucky to be able to help customers like Lesley and Rob and Design Plumbing Services to succeed with their businesses.

"The service we have received from the team at Crezco, especially Max, has been outstanding and in the era we live in now it is a rare occurrence to be wowed by service delivery."


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