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"Crezco has help change the outdated method of bank transfers making it an easier method of payment with an added layer of security to accept payment quickly with no ghostly charges."

Michael Lam

Director, Connect Gas

Connect Gas

Company intro

Connect Gas is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the luxury fireplace industry. The company was established in 2013 and has been growing stronger each year despite the volatile construction economy.

Key benefits

  • Invoices paid faster
  • Instant reconciliation
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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The invoicing process is known to be time consuming and chasing late invoices can quickly turn into a nightmare for any business. It was important for Connect Gas to be able to provide a quick payment solution directly embedded into sent invoices to fasten the process and reduce the percentage of late payments.

Creating invoices and keeping track on unpaid invoices can be time consuming. Crezco allows our clients to pay instantly whilst reducing the possibility of entering sort codes and account numbers incorrectly. It almost leaves zero excuse for the client not to immediately once they have received the invoice.

Connect Gas needed an easy to use payment solution to get paid faster and to remove the headache of manually reconciling invoices.


Connect Gas chose Crezco because of its account-to-account payment solution, allowing them to send invoices directly with an online payment link attached. Customers can use the link to pay in seconds, rather than having to pay manually through their bank. The result is a human-error-free payment solution, better cashflow management and less unpaid invoices.

"Crezco has help change the outdated method of bank transfers making it an easier method of payment with an added layer of security to accept payment quickly with no ghostly charges. Clients are providing feedback with Crezco as being a very fresh new way to pay. "

The full integration with QuickBooks makes the payment process very easy for customers and allows Connect Gas to enjoy the automatic reconciliation process, saving both time and effort. Customers do not need to share their debit card or their bank account details online, they are instead securely redirected to their bank account to authorise the payment via strong customer authentication. This is possible thanks to Crezco leveraging open banking to provide account-to-account payments. It allows Crezco to provide free domestic payments while Crezco's advanced fraud protection system protects both the merchant and customer from payment fraud at no extra cost.


Using Crezco's instant account-to-account payment solution saw Connect Gas receive warm customer feedback who appreciated the more convenient payment solution. Connect Gas are now spending significantly less time chasing payments leaving more time to focus on building their core business.

"Although first clients were slow to trust the payment links, it has been adopted quicker than expected. As we work with a mixed range of "one off clients" and repeat contractors, we are finding "one off clients" are happy to use and follow the payment links. Repeat contractors are yet to adapt as they are too used to their existing traditional methods (but it won't take long for them to hop on board)"

With this partnership, Connect Gas joins thousands of companies using Crezco to improve their cashflow management, payments collection and administrative tasks in the blink of an eye.

Next steps

Connect Gas continues to grow and keeps investing to expand the business while simplifying processes both for them and their clients.

"We are growing each year and hope to continue using Crezco payment services to quickly retrieve payments so we can continue to invest more available cash flow where it needs to be."

At Crezco, we will always do our best to provide a world-class experience. We always want to help and improve ourselves and our services. We are extremely lucky to be able to work with customers like Connect Gas and we can't wait to give them even more value!


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