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"Crezco automates the collection and reconciliation of payments and makes it super easy for customers to pay - saving time for us, and our customers"

Theo Margolius

Co-founder, Otta

Otta User Story

Company intro

Otta, the tech jobs platform, has just raised a $20m Series A led by Tiger Global alongside LocalGlobe. Positioning themselves as a "candidate-first" platform, Otta has flipped the job-search industry on its head by giving prospective candidates an amazing job hunting experience, after years of being treated and neglected like second-class citizens.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use payment solution
  • Instant reconciliation
  • Payments received faster

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Since COVID, we have seen a redefinition of the whole economy and labour is obviously a big part of it. Otta saw a chance to put the job seekers in the spotlight. But with lots of customers and rapid growth, chasing companies to pay is time consuming and not very efficient. Payments were made manually, but a better payment solution was needed. 

"We have a lot of customers and are growing quickly. It can be very manual to collect payments and chase companies to pay"

Chasing payments and reconciling them is a nightmare for many businesses. Providing an effortless way to pay online which equally reconciles the payments within your accounts would help any business improve. It is exactly what Otta needed as well. 


Otta selected Crezco for its account-to-account payment solution. Crezco allows Otta to collect payments instantly online and for free. They use Crezco with Xero, one of the most popular accounting software solutions available. It allows them to automatically include a payment link with each sent invoice for a more convenient customer checkout. As soon as the payment is complete, it is automatically reconciled in Xero, saving Otta valuable time to focus on what they do best: building an awesome jobs platform. 

"Crezco automates the collection and reconciliation of payments and makes it super easy for customers to pay - saving time for us, and our customers" 

By leveraging open banking, Crezco can provide free, instant, and frictionless payments securely. The customer simply needs to log into his bank account and accept the payment request. 


Because Crezco has built a new innovative solution to make and receive payments, Otta was able to get paid faster easily. Their clients can now pay directly from the invoice sent by Otta and can do it safely without sharing sensitive payment data online. Everything happens directly from the client’s bank account, ensuring funds are sent to the correct account without human error. 

"Getting paid faster and more easily"

With this partnership, Otta joins thousands of companies using Crezco to simplify and accelerate their payment processes for free. Otta can now enjoy a fast, easy-to-use and secure payment solution.

Next steps 

Otta is growing rapidly and their recent capital raise will only fuel their trajectory further as they look to continue to expand both domestically and internationally, having already seen great traction in the US.  

"Lots of international growth and further strengthening our market share in the UK"

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