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"Over the years, I have built integrations with Stripe, Paypal, Worldpay, and many lesser-knowns, but I was impressed at how straight-forward and simple the Crezco integration was. It is a fantastic and fantastically quick way to access open banking."

James Edgeworth

Technical Director, SIF Health

SIF Health User story

Company intro

SIF Health is a management software platform designed to help save therapists and health professionals time and money by accepting bookings and payments online. In an industry made up of part-timers, solo business owners and many small businesses, SIF Health makes running a business simple with a string of seamless automations, notifications and online integrations.

Key benefits

  • Access to an account-to-account checkout solution
  • Easy integration
  • Reduced payment fees

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Being an innovative software platform, SIF Health is constantly innovative and adding new value-added features and products to their premium plans. Allowing the therapists, health and exercise professionals on their platform to seamlessly collect payments is a key value proposition. Card payment integrations are costly to the receiving merchant, complex to integrate for the platform, and subject to payment delays and chargebacks. Whereas, manual bank transfers are impossible to reconcile, automate and subject to inertia.

Online open banking account-to-account payments are an obvious alternative. Nonetheless, open banking is in its infancy and businesses need a convenient and secure integration.

"Open banking is a very new concept at the moment, and our customers have had concerns adjusting to it, but Crezco have been extremely pro-active in analysing the trends and requesting feedback on how the process can be improved to make things easier for people, but also to make suggestions to our platform on how to introduce open banking to increase user-acceptance."


SIF Health integrated with Crezco's payment API because it was easy, quick, well documented and handles all security requirements. Via Crezco, the therapists, health and exercise professionals on the SIF Health platform now collect account-to-account payments from their customers free of chargebacks and card fees. Crezco provides their customers with an intuitive online checkout, while handling all the open banking complexity, compliance needs and fraud protection requirements.

"The three things we like the most about the integration were the speed of integration, the predictability of the API in what it expects and returns and the pro-active support."

Unlike traditional payments providers, Crezco uses open banking account-to-account payments. All payments initiated by Crezco are protected by the company's proprietary machine-learning fraud protection system.

Crezco is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution.


Having integrated with Crezco's developer friendly API, SIF Health was able to quickly provide their customers with an innovative alternative checkout solution to card payments. Their underlying customers, the health professionals and therapists, now benefit from instant payments and lower fees leading to greater profits and happier lives.

SIF Health joins thousands of companies using Crezco's high-level API to simplify their payment collections with an account-to-account open banking solution. Crezco's API was designed not to require customer support, like all the best products, but if it is required, then its the best support ever!

Next steps

SIF Health continues to innovate by adding new features for their growing customer base. Crezco is thrilled to work alongside SIF Health and to introduce open banking payments to all the clinics, therapists and health businesses that want a faster, better alternative to card-payments.

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