What makes a great FX provider? - The ultimate checklist

Thursday, 3 August 2023, 1 minute read

Welcome to the wild jungle of FX providers, where finding the most reliable one and securing the best deal can be quite the adventure! It's a challenging and time-consuming quest, but we're here to guide you through this dense foliage.

FX providers act as financial wizards in this untamed territory, transforming one currency into another. But beware! A hasty decision could lead you to the clutches of unfavourable rates, soaring fees, or hidden costs!

Choosing the best FX provider is no trivial matter. It can significantly influence your company's cash flow and profits. To help you in this pursuit, we've made the ultimate checklist.

The ultimate checklist to chose an FX provider

Here are the top 10 green - and red - flags to watch out for when choosing which provider to trust with your payments:

Exchange rates

Compare and find the best deal that gives your money the most bang for its buck. It’s a good idea to do a live rate comparison between two providers.

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Is there a processing cost or a handling fee? 

Hidden costs

Always check what’s included in the rate your provider quotes. Is it a mark-up on the base rate? Make sure you compare the final amount paid - even if the fees seem low!


Check for FCA regulations and find out who is processing the money.

Transaction speed

Find an FX provider that gets things done quickly. And don’t get caught out by sneaky language. Check the payout speed, not the conversion speed, as these are not the same thing! 

Customer support

Make sure your FX provider has a friendly support team to onboard you and help you out in a pinch. Is there a live chat option, or a direct line?

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Reputation and reviews

Spend time reading customer reviews on sites like Google and Trustpilot to make sure you're in good hands.

Technology and user experience

It’s all about the user experience. Can you do everything online without having to talk to someone? How easy is it to get details in and payments out?

Accessibility and convenience

Reading reviews will help you choose a provider that lets you exchange currencies wherever and whenever, and access your funds quickly and easily.

Additional services

Keep an eye out for the cherry on top! Some FX providers offer extra services like international money transfers or multi-currency accounts for extra convenience.

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