Crezco wins Financial Services Firm of the Year at the British Data Awards!

Friday 12 May 2023, 3 minute read

The stage is set, Crezco’s Head of Partnerships eagerly awaits the verdict of the prestigious Financial Services Firm of the Year Award. The room is filled with an excited but nervous hum as hopeful businesses await the result. The clock ticks over to 5:30 PM and the Honourable Artillery Company welcomes the hopeful candidates into their splendid venue. Half-an-hour later, the event begins. Smartly dressed people turn their attention to the podium they all dream of leaping on to.

David, our Head of Partnerships, is patient, he has no doubt that Crezco has got what it takes to claim first prize. With a dedicated team, brilliant product, and caring culture, we should have this one in the bag. But it’s not over yet, there are other finalists in the running. David awaits with bated breath, he’s ready to accept the result with dignity, no matter the outcome.

Every minute feels like an hour but, finally, he hears those all-important words: “and the winner is…”


We did it! Winning this award truly reflects how hard the Crezco crew works to ensure making and receiving payments is as stress-free and easy as possible!

So, what does Financial Services Firm of the year mean?

This reward showcases Crezco’s ability to provide you with a convenient, cost-effective and secure method to manage your business’ incoming and outgoing transactions. It also highlights the great lengths we take to ensure our users payments are always protected from nasty fraudsters and illicit transactions.

At Crezco, we believe paying an invoice from your supplier in China should be as easy as paying for your morning coffee run. Both transactions are arguably essential, but one can cause business owners a lot of stress (we’ll let you decide which!). The Crezco crew wanted to solve this problem and open banking was the final piece of the puzzle. As open banking continues to flourish, we don’t doubt that there will be even more ways Crezco can leverage this technology to make payments a piece of cake and hopefully win more fabulous awards like this one.

At Crezco we also pride ourselves on our ability to keep our users safe. Data security is an essential component of the fintech industry, and Crezco’s account-to-account payments ensure that your transactions will remain simple and safe at all times. But, how do we do this?

Crezco can help

We are an open banking payment solution for online invoice payments up to £1,000,000. We initiate domestic and international bank-to-bank transfers seamlessly and securely. Funds arrive in seconds, and payments instantly reconcile within your favourite accounting software.

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Sentinel: Crezco’s Security Samurai

Crezco is our Batman, our main superhero and a good superhero needs a trusty and dependable sidekick. Enter our Robin: Sentinel. Working around the clock, Sentinel is a Machine Learning risk system that helps Crezco fight fraud and ward off illicit transaction. As soon as you onboard with Crezco, Sentinel will protect your business for free. We may not talk about it enough, but Sentinel has certainly helped us to become your Financial Services Firm of the Year.

A customer-centric company who cares

Our users are our world. Ask anyone of the Crezco team and we’ll tell you our user’s safety and experience are always at the forefront of our minds. We believe that payment solutions should be transparent and easy, so we’re always open to hearing how we can make things even better for our valued users.

Crezco means “I grow” in Spanish, and we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure small businesses using Crezco have the opportunity to flourish. Small businesses need to be resilient, even more so after the turmoil the past few years have put them through. So a payment solution that gives them the ability to boost their cash flow and revenue is essential. At Crezco, we work to achieve that for our users so that they can blossom and bloom!

This award is a great reminder of the bright future ahead for open banking payments. Crezco’s journey is just beginning, and we can’t wait to show you what comes next!

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