Timworks: the client support app for accountants and their clients


Saturday, 28 May 2022, 5 minute read

Providing excellent client support is not just nice to do for accountancy firms, it’s smart business. However, despite the number of communication platforms available, making clients happy by building loyal and lasting relationships is easier said than done. 

Timworks, a live-chat app for accountants and their clients, is solving this problem by launching the only client support app specifically for accountants and their clients. 

What is Timworks?

Fully designed and built in London, UK, Timworks gives accountants a single platform to manage client conversations and create more valuable touchpoints with their clients. The client, on the other hand, receives messages much like they would on WhatsApp and can collaborate seamlessly with their accountants and advisors. 

Streamlined conversations, excellent client support, native integrations - when it comes to saving you time, money and building better relationships with your clients, Timworks ticks all the boxes. 

What are the benefits of using Timworks?

More touchpoints for increased loyalty 

Rather than working together only once or a few times a year, Timworks opens up an organised channel whereby clients can connect with their accountant casually and on an as-needed basis. This opens up several benefits and opportunities for accountants such as being able to build meaningful relationships with their clients. This also gives accountants opportunities to offer add-on services as needed. 

It has been shown that a 5% increase in client retention can increase profits by 25%. Building a strong relationship with clients ensures accountants serve a more loyal client base, benefiting them in the long run with increased profit, trust, affinity and word-of-mouth marketing.

Regular communication and feedback

The opportunity for more frequent contact increases the chance for feedback so that services can continuously be optimised, no details fall through cracks and miscommunications are reduced. 

Speed and efficiency 

We all know how valuable and precious our time is. Timworks saves time by reducing administrative clutter. Using live-chat eliminates long-winded emails, lost attachments and the need to chase clients. No more waiting for an email reply for something that takes a couple of minutes. 

In addition, native integrations with leading software such as Xero, Dext, DataMolino and AutoEntry set up a streamlined workflow, freeing you up time to focus on things that really matter. 

What are Timworks’ features?

Timworks gives accountants a single platform to manage client conversations and create more valuable touchpoints with their clients. The client, on the other hand, receives messages much like they would on WhatsApp and can raise queries, respond to messages and send attachments quickly and easily. 

GDPR and audit trail friendly

GDPR requires the careful handling of your clients’ personal data. In addition, there are many regulations that require the retainment of accounting and other records for six or more years.

These laws, together, mean that firms need to take record retention seriously or they risk falling afoul of the law. Timworks keeps all client conversations organised and cloud-based. While conversations can be archived to keep your dashboard clean, they will never be deleted.

Unlike chat apps built for the larger audience (such as WhatsApp), Timworks has been built specifically for the needs of accountants and their clients. So it is GDPR compliant and messages cannot be deleted for added peace of mind. 

Organisation and permission settings

Timworks gives you the ability to create chat channels to organise conversations around topics (e.g., bookkeeping, VAT, Urgent queries, etc.), so you can keep your clients’ conversations meticulously organised. Furthermore, you can add an unlimited number of people to a conversation to reduce bottlenecks and miscommunications. 

Fear not, because this does not mean everyone has the permission to wreak havoc in your communication channels - in fact, you are in control of user permission settings, so you get the say in who is authorised to do what. 

You also benefit from storing company information right in Timworks (e.g., PAYE number, VAT number, Registration number, etc.) so that your client can access them easily rather than asking you repeatedly! 


Integrations is just another way of spelling “extra time”. It makes the whole process quick, easy and stress-free for both accountants and bookkeepers. While other communication platforms are great at being that - chat tools, they don’t integrate with any of the tech tools accountants love. 

Timworks integrates with Xero to become part of your workflow. It also links to data capture tools Dext, AutoEntry, Hubdoc and Datamolino. These integrations allow you to push documents and data directly from chat streams to your integrated data capture tool of choice. There are future plans for integrations to extend to other apps such as QuickBooks and Sage.


Speaking of personalisation, did you know that your conversion rate can improve by roughly 8% when you include personalised consumer experience? Personalisation is a fundamental aspect of your brand and it makes you stand out in a very competitive market. 

Timworks makes sure that you stand out from the crowd especially for your clients by offering you a white labelled experience - meaning that you get your own landing page for your clients to download the app, and your name and logo across the platform. 

Future Plans

Timworks’ app developer is currently working on a new “broadcast” feature that will let the accountant send group alerts, such as end of tax year instructions, or create bulk messages for particular clients. 

We envisage them using it to send PAYE reminders on the 25th of the month or as part of a chat-driven data collection service during P11D and self assessment seasons.” There are multiple options like that.”

Ben Marcilhacy, CEO

Timworks is always asking for feedback and looking for ways to improve and strengthen the client-accountant relationship. You can book a demo today or watch the demo video now to see what the fuss is all about.

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